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Are You Preparing to Get Marital?

Our pre-marital program is designed to help couples get a good understanding of the basics needed to begin a successful, equally yoked relationship!

There are 3 options to complete the  6 weeks(6 sessions) program,1. Meet in person with your counselor. 2 Take the course online. 3 Take the course online and meet in person for the final session. ** The 1st or 3rd options should be chosen if you will be needing a certificate to get a marriage license discount in the state of Georgia.

Note: Premartial Is.....

You are a man/women in agreement that you want to marry each other, not fighting, and you

would like spiritual guidance from a Pastor before you march down the isle.

Online Only



All 6 Sessions!

In Person Premarital Help

Our in person Pre Marital Sessions meet on Saturdays. You can schedule at 1:30/2:30 or 3:30pm appointment. Each session last and hour. After 6 sessions you will also receive a certificate good for a discount on your marriage license. Depends on your Georgia county. ** Must schedule at least  sessions in advance.

Premarital Online


If you are a busy couple, living or working in different states, or have crazy schedules, this may be the solution for you! This course is the same information and Instructor you would meet with if you were taking the course in person. The course consist of videos, quizzes and a place to post discussion questions so your instructor can respond back in a timely manner. Its a great way to get that spiritual guidance with no travel plus you can take it from anywhere you are located. *** please note: we prefer you sit down and take it together (one fee) however, if you would like to register and take it separately, you are welcome to do so.(each registration requires a separate fee. 

Premarital Online/In Person

This course is exactly like option#2, with one exception, you will complete your course and then arrange to have your last meeting in person with your instructor. (This option is available to Georgia residents only.)

What our customers are saying

"This is a great program, you want regret  it no matter how you take it!"

Shenesa and Brian White

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