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Intern Exit Evaluation Form


Email Address*

Year and term of your Volunteer Intership(ie., Winter 2018)

What program did you serve with?

Who did you report to?

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Tell us about your experience: What did you enjoy, learn about the experience, learn about yourself?

What was your experience with the person you reported to?

Would you recommend this internship to other students?

Please rate your experience with a 1 being the worst/5 the best

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Congratulations! If you are completing this form, it means you have finished your Summer/Winter volunteer internship program with Open Arms Outreach!

We have enjoyed having your support during these few months and hours. We pray that you were able to get a feel of what its like to be a part of a Christian outreach program and how important it is to be able to connect with the community as a whole. 

Please complete the evaluation form and tell is about your experience.  Its been a pleasure getting to know you and you are welcome to serve at Open Arms Outreach  anytime. 

Best wishes!  Director Robbie Bible

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