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I n person starts March 2023, 3rd Sat, 11:00am

Virtually: Starts  Jan 2023, 4th Sat, 11:00am-1:00pm


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2023 Volunteer schedule

Virtually- every 4th Sat 11am-1pm

In Person Begins in March-3rd Sats 11am

Did you know that, according to CNN, as of 2015, over 13.1 Million children were in food insecure households? That's not ok! 

This group is about youth, coming together to help make it better for the next generation.  If you are in middle or high school or college and would like to become a volunteer youth against childhood hunger ambassador, please call Open Arms Outreach at (470)488-0448 or just complete the form below!  We meet monthly in Fayetteville, Ga, to work on community projects, meet other youth at our summer youth summit, learn about US hunger issues and what we can do to help, and much more. You must be at least a C student, well mannered and willing to help, no drugs/alcohol or criminal record  to participate.  APPLY BELOW!

Join Y.A.C.H (Youth Against Childhood Hunger)


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This group is committed to help kids find a way to have a good meal. Is that important to you?

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To become a part of  Y.A.CH, please complete the online form on your left!  We will respond shortly.

Other ways you can assist: 

Its never to late to start collecting unexpired can goods! You can:

Ask your teacher if you can decorate and have a food drive at your school

Ask your Pastor at your church, teacher at your school or even your favorite neighbor hood shop,  if you can put a food box in the entry way to request donations.

Let all adults and friends in your life know that you will be expecting them to support your cause, Y.A.C.H (Youth against childhood hunger). Let them know that you will be collecting and what date. Then email us to let us know you have a donation.



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